Where You Take Your Children Each Day is Important

Growing up, I never thought much about the daycare that I went to. Which is, of course, normal because I was a child. I was just interested in having fun. But after I had children of my own, my mother said that I needed to pay attention to the type of place I enroll them. She suggested that I look into a Noahs Ark Childcare location to enroll my two girls.

First, I went to a fun nursery school up until the age of four years old. I remember that I loved to go there. They even brought in a very large swimming pool on the back of a trailer during the summer for us to play in. Once they brought in the pool, I could not wait to get back there each day to play in it. Later, when it was time for me to enter an elementary school at the age of 5 for kindergarten, I tested out because the school said that my skills surpassed what the other kids my age knew. They promptly put me into first grade instead. The reason for this is because the nursery that I attended taught me all I needed to know to skip a grade. After mom explained this to me, I suddenly knew how important it is to do my research.

So, when I looked into the childcare that I discussed previously, I really found that I liked what they have to offer. They do business based on Christian principles which is a big part of my family’s life. They even offer after school care, which is nice because I went to the same thing after school when I was a kid. It allowed mom to work longer into the day and to go to school herself to get a degree after I was no longer in the classroom each day.