Where I Can Truly Be Happy

I’ve been making my way north for the past ten years. I can freely admit that I’ve grown tired of the South – it’s not where I want to call home any longer. You may think that finding apartments for rent in North Charleston SC to not be far from the south but it’s clear that you’ve never live anywhere like Georgia, Alabama or others in the Bible Belt. It’s not a good place to live these days especially now that President Trump is, well, President. The people in some of those states are absolutely losing their minds and I no longer feel safe calling those places home.

I feel like that I’m going to inevitably move further and further North. Is that what I want with my life? Is that where I want to go? I want to find a place where I’m going to feel safe. I want to be able to call a place home for once and have it honestly feel like a home rather than just a place where I live. I know that it’s impossible to find the perfect city or state, that’s simply how life is. That doesn’t mean I should allow myself to accept something completely below my standards. There might be a chance that I’ll come along something better.

Personally, I’m going to give North Carolina a try for a while. It might turn out to be a good pick for once. It’s not too far from the North but there’s a chance that I’ll be able to call this city my home. Without a doubt there are plenty of options available to me. I may end up going further North than I intended originally but I think in the long run I’m going to be a lot happier here. I hope I will be, anyway.