We Needed That Third Bedroom Desparately

We had a new addition to our family. However, it was about five years ago. The little brother staying in the same room as the older sister was wearing thin on the patience the two of them could practice. When we added the puppy, that smoothed things over for a time. Then the puppy bonded with our son. A new puppy bonded with our daughter. Still, we knew we had to take our search for other apartments in Stone Oak more seriously. We were paying our rent from month to month because we would not sign another year on the lease at our old place. They have some three bedroom places, and we were holding out to get one if someone moved out. However, none of the three bedroom tenants were moving anytime soon.

We searched for better apartments in Stone Oak, and we found a great place that has three bedrooms and a garage! I never thought we would ever find an apartment with a garage. I have actually never heard of such a thing. I thought you had to buy or rent a regular house in order to be able to get a garage right there to park in. Sure, there are places with a big parking garage to park in, but I am talking about an actual personal garage just for our apartment. I could finally have a place to store all of my tools as well as maybe stick my car in there too.

We got the Dominion floor plan at The Regency at Lookout Canyon. It has plenty of space for us, and we have been enjoying the extras such as the swimming pool and the nice fire pit. The dog park is a hit with our pups, and the kids have a playground to play in too. Our son is very happy to now have his own room, and our daughter is super happy to have a room just for herself again. Well, for herself and her dog as they are inseparable. The same goes for our boy and his dog.