This Really Does Feel Like Home

I have lived in some really nice apartment complexes that have featured some great community amenities. However, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate well to the real deal. Sure, those apartments had resort pools, but they were so crowded that I only used them a handful of times. The fitness centers were the same way, and I went to a private gym where I had a membership. That is why when I started to look for a new apartment for rent in Las Vegas, I was not really concerned about the amenities for everyone who lives there. I knew that what was stated might not be the reality.

I looked at a few different complexes, but as soon as I looked at Bloom Apartments, I knew that it was the one I wanted. For the first time in a while, I actually did get excited by the outdoor amenities. It seemed that this complex actually took the tenants into consideration when designing all of the features outside. Instead of just one resort swimming pool, there are two. Instead of just one fitness center, there are two. Instead of one club house, there are two.

Do you see the trend there? I sure did, and it got me excited because I do enjoy being outside and having a good time when I am home. I just don’t like having to fight for my own space, and it finally seemed like an apartment complex understands that. I still wanted to look at it in person before I filled out an application, and I was able to schedule a tour right there on the apartment complex website. That tour convinced me that I would not be happy anywhere else, and I was moving in within two weeks of the tour. This really does feel like home to me!