They Sealed Those Cracks Right Up

I hired a paving contractor in Nassau County NY to come out and take a look at my pavement because I thought I saw an awful lot of cracking going on. Cracks in a drive way or on other types of pavement are a big problem because water gets into them and when it freezes in the winter it will cause more cracking. This will eventually lead to the total destruction of the pavement in question because at some point entire pieces will separate. The only way to fix the damage at that point is to replace the entire thing.

I wasn’t about to shell out the big bucks for something like that. I wanted to see if their was some sort of solution that would work to protect the pavement and that would cost a lot less than replacing either sections or the entire drive way. The guy who dropped by to inspect the damage suggested filling the cracks with a special type of seal coating that would keep moisture out of the cracks and thus extend the life of the drive way. It wasn’t a total solution, as the seal would need to be filled in again, but it was something.

I signed on for this coating and I must say it looks really nice. You don’t even notice the seals unless you’re walking over the drive way and looking down. I noticed that when it rains or when I’m washing with a hose that the water just goes right over the seal and down into the street. It’s not going down into the pavement now. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and have suggested to all my friends that they hire this company to fix their own drive ways. Better to take care of the problem now before it is too late.