The Night of a Home Invasion

After buying my first home this past year, you could not have prepared me enough for the night that I became a victim of a home invasion. I have always known that such an occurrence was completely possible but like most of us I simply disregarded, willing to take my chances with the universe safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t happen to me. Unfortunately, it did, and as such I have been forced to hire out ADT security systems to protect myself. I haven’t quite been the same since this happened. All those distant concerns that i found comfort from due to the long odds have suddenly become quite more visceral and real for me.

I’m afraid that I am growing paranoid. I don’t want to be but after having something like a home invasion happen to you is enough, at least for me, to cause some level of paranoia. I want to be safe. That’s all I want and is the primary motivation behind my purchasing a home in the first place. I wanted a place that I could call my home where I would be able to dictate the rules of and have control over. I had enough of apartment living and neighbors just behind thin walls.

Now even the sense of security that my home once gave to me is gone. I don’t know what I’ll do. I do feel somewhat safer now that I have ADT in my home but that still isn’t enough. In fact, there are moments where the security system itself acts as a reminder of what is beyond the door of my home; a world where people are willing to take advantage of you. I hate that I feel like this. I miss the way things used to be before that awful night.