The Apartment is in the Perfect Location

I had been looking at different apartments for rent in Kingsport TN, and I was starting to think that I would not find what I wanted. When my friend told me to check out Country Shores, I was not excited about it at first because it was a few minutes outside of the area I wanted to live in because of where I work. She told me that it would be worth it to check out, mostly because of the reasonable rates for rent. I decided I had nothing to lose other than maybe a few minutes, so I went online to look at their website.

I was really surprised with what I found there. I figured that it would have to be a nice complex in order to attract tenants, but I was not expecting it to be as perfect as it is. One of the reasons I was having such a hard time finding the apartment that I wanted to call home is because all of them were so busy. I wanted to live in a quiet neighborhood where I could sit out on my patio and enjoy the peace and quiet.

This was the first complex that looked like it would fit exactly what I was looking for. I went there in person before filling out an online application to make sure it really was like it was portrayed on the website. The really nice thing is that it is even better. I knew I wanted to live there within minutes of looking around, and I filled out an application while there. I moved in not too much later, and it really is perfect. I don’t mind that I have to drive a few extra minutes because I would rather do that and live in the perfect apartment than driving less but living somewhere I’m not happy.