Sharon’s New Adventure with Currency

My friend Sharon has always had a curious nature. She always want to new about the latest trends that are popular in the world. The feeling of being left out always aggravated her. Sharon is the type of person that always wanted to have the latest and great technology to get in her hands. She thought she knew everything, but she was wrong. My friends and I introduced her to the concept of Bitcoin. She was blown away by it. She was so obsessed, that she could not stop. She downloaded the Bitcoin Trader app to her smartphone. Now, she cannot get enough.

One day, my friends were taking about our Bitcoin statuses. We all were bragging about the online currency that we had amassed. Sharon showed up and overheard our conversation. She had no idea what we were talking about. The others did not notice, but I could tell that our friend Sharon felt left out. I could see the depression and sadness on her face. Being the kind friends what we are, we let her in on our little hobby.

When we first told Sharon the concept of Bitcoin, it went over her head. It took a while for her to understand. She was very fascinated when she finally got it. Sharon opened her first Bitcoin account using an app. The app helped her manage her currency when she was not near her computer. I even gave her a few Bitcoin as a gift. She was so happy. She was able to buy and sell Bitcoin at her leisure. It was very easy to her once she learned the basics of how to trade Bitcoin online with others. She became more confident with her buying, selling, and trading. I am so glad that Sharon is now with us in our trading.