President Trump is Making Progress on His Promises

I voted for President Donald Trump and am very proud to call him my president. I think he is doing a fantastic job and catches a lot of undeserved flack from the democratic party over many personal and political issues. I read some Trump news earlier today and came across an article that some doctors who are not associated with President Trump are requesting and demanding that he undergo a mental evaluation and have his head examined. This is ludicrous and is extremely disrespectful in my honest opinion.

It is more than obvious that he is not the typical politician that we are all used to seeing and dealing with. I think this is a good thing. Our country needs a president who is willing to speak his mind and not take any undeserved heat from anyone. I read an article where someone wants a mental evaluation done, which I think is just wrong. A man does not get to his position by having mental issues. Is he outspoken? Yes, of course he is. That is why he was voted in as our president though. People are tired of the same old politicians, saying one thing and meaning another.

With President Trump, you know that you are getting exactly what is on his mind. He is not about being politically correct. He is about Making America Great Again! That is why I will continue to read all of the news that I can about him, and I will always respect him. I do read some articles that cause me a bit of concern, but he is not a miracle worker. He still has to have the approval of Congress for a lot of the positive changes he wants to make. Reading these articles shows me that he is making progress on those promises though!