Only Pay for What You Want

Finding the right cable company for my second house I rent was a lot harder than I thought it would be. When I decide to put the house on the market as a rental I wanted to include cable television as a perk, so I went online to find a good deal, one the renter could add things to if they wanted but also a good investment for me. I went online and did an internet search for cable hd tvs . Most people now have the HD Televisions so you need to have the ability to have the best picture and sound. I know I love the two HD televisions I have; the picture is so crisp and clear. I figured if I found a really good deal online that I would buy the system for my two televisions too. Your online store showed me many alternatives to the usually programming, but also gave me the options of just having a system that I could chose to add the things I wanted, more ala cart than anything. I bought two systems, one for my home and one for the rental house. That was three months ago and I love my system, because it has exactly what I wanted with no hidden fees. That was always the problem with traditional cable, they would say it was one price but then there were always these hidden upgrade fees or taxes that seem to change your monthly bill.I found the perfect family for my rental house and they say they could not be happier with the cable system; it was a added bonus for them to have it already there and not have to go look for one. I think it is a great thing for all of us. I have told all of my friends and neighbors.