New State, New Apartment and a New Job

I had never been farther west than Indiana, and that was just to visit aunts and uncles on my mom’s side when I was a kid. I have never traveled much. So, I was a bit nervous moving my family out to Nevada to take a job that was offered to me. I asked my wife to look at apartments for Las Vegas that she would not mind living in. We were going to make two trips out there. The first one was to rent an apartment, and the second trip was the move. My wife’s parents were worried about not seeing us but once a year or less. With the new job we could commit to more visits per year as we would be able to afford it. At least my wife and our little girl could fly back and forth.

Moving is a big thing even if it is just across town. Moving across the country can give you a strong feeling of separation anxiety from all that you are familiar with. However, we found a a nice apartment that has two bedrooms. The weather in Las Vegas is amazing. Sure, it can get hot, but that is what we like. I would rather sweat than freeze. All that desert sun really improved things for me. I think I might have had that Seasonal Affective Disorder for years and not even have known it until moving to a place that gets a lot more sun year round.

Maybe it was the new apartment with a swimming pool along with my new job. This was sort of a new chance at a new life. I don’t know. It could have been a combination of all those things, but we all really began to thrive at our new place to live. We are now involved with our new community, we really like our new apartment with all of it nice amenities, and I like my new job a whole lot more than what I used to do for a living. However, we do have a really nice apartment with hardwood floors, covered parking and a superb gourmet kitchen. So, that really is a big help to our outlook on living here in Las Vegas.