New Hair is a Man Magnet

The hair extensions I usually get come from India, but on my most recent trip to the hair salon, I used my natural hair extensions that I purchased online from a special store. The reason that I bought this hair instead of the usual hair that I buy is because one of my friends recommended it to me. They had bought the hair for themselves to wear at a wedding of one of their relatives and the hair was a big hit among the wedding guests. Even the bride and groom commented on how nice her hair looked.

The testimonial of my friend and the people at her wedding was good enough for me to give the hair a try. My stylist put the hair in with ease, and when she was done, she commented on how nice it looked in my head. She said it really matched the texture of my hair and bleneded in so well that it looked like I had grown a new head full of hair in an hour. I showed my family and friends the hair style and they loved it as well. My friend who recommneded that I get the hair really like it.

One thing that I noticed when I wore the hair out in public is that it was getting the attention of many random guys, no matter what style I was wearing the hair in. From the most conservative styles like a wrap or a bun, to the styles that stood out the most, like a long flowing style, the guys would all come up to me, and the first thing they would mention is how much they liked my hair. It was like some kind of magnet for the opposite sex. This was a good thing for me, because I hadn’t had so many men talk to me in ages.