My Teacher Recommended That I Take Some Action Instead of Giving Up

I was really down in the dumps because I was failing one of my classes. I am not taking too many classes at school, but the ones that I decided to take are tough ones. The one that I have had the most trouble with is physics. My professor suggested that I look into O level physics tuition. I told her that I tried meeting with a study group comprised of students who were also struggling, but the blind leading the blind did not work out well at all. I also told her that I feared I would need to drop her class, and she said that I should try some tutoring first instead of just giving up.

For so long, I had feared that I would not be able to meet the requirements to get a medical degree if I didn’t get through my physics classes. I didn’t have trouble last year, but then I didn’t have that same good luck earlier this year when it was time to try to get through the next level course. I found myself feeling anxious about it at first. I told my instructor that I worried about what the cost for getting tutoring would be like, but she said that she had recommended that a number of her students do it, and she had heard the cost was pretty low.

I signed up for tutoring as I was advised to do, and that advice turned out to be a winner for me. The guy that I go to for help holds small classes, and he’s able to give one-on-one help because of that. It’s very different from my university where each one of my classes has 100 or more students in each class, and no professor has time to meet with each of us to give extra assistance. Now that I’m getting help, I’ve found that I’m doing better with my homework, getting good grades on all my tests and quizzes, and I think I will pass my class with a high grade.