Moving to Arizona is Awesome

My folks have lived in Scottsdale for over ten years, and they absolutely love it. I was given a great opportunity there, and I did not have to think twice about it. I had been visiting them about three times a year, and I knew that living there so close to them would do them as much good as it would do for me. I started looking at apartments in Scottsdale AZ even before I signed my new work contract because I just wanted to make sure everything was in check as soon as possible.

My parents offered to let me stay with them as they have the room, but I knew that I would be more comfortable in my own place because of my work hours. I also did not want to live in a community that was comprised mostly of senior citizens! When I saw the Stetson, I knew that was where I wanted to be. I have always lived in a house, but I did not want to make that kind of investment without knowing if this was going to work out first. I figured I could live in an apartment for one or two years, then make a decision on what I wanted to do.

I was very happy when I saw the apartment layouts at the Stetson. I only need a one bedroom apartment the Laredo floor plan was perfect for me. I really wanted a nice balcony since I am not the type to want to stay inside if it is nice out. It also has a separate laundry room, and the kitchen is perfect for my needs since I do love to cook. My parents told me that it is in a great area of town too, which is the only endorsement I really needed to go ahead and fill out the application. Life is going to be much nicer now!