Magic on the Streets of Singapore

At a magicians convention, everyone decided to take an international trip to showcase all of our magic tricks. We agreed that Singapore would be a great place to travel as a vacation spot and as a magic destination. We rented a bus from a transport company in Singapore to ride around in so we could park at various locations, get out and show magic to local people on the street. On the last day of our trip, we would have one big magic show for everyone to see. The whole street magic part is basically a way to build up to the show.

When I’m performing for people, I usually like to start with something simple that will catch their eye, and progress to more elaborate tricks. Something like making an object disappear in my hands or guessing a card is a good place to start. Then I can jump to things like burning a piece of paper and having it reappear or making something appear in a person’s pocket without them knowing. The harder tricks require you to really keep the audience concentrated so they can’t see when the sleight of hand is happening right before their eyes.

The people in Singapore were impressed with our tricks. When it came time for the big show, we had a huge crowd of people who attended. We came up with some new tricks to use because we didn’t want people to get bored from seeing the same tricks that we had already done on the street. The good thing about having an entire bus full of magicians is that someone always has a new trick up their sleeve that they’re waiting to test out. It’s even better when the audience can participate in the tricks. The friends and family members of the volunteers will ask how a trick is done, but they’ll never tell.