Long Hours and Dirty Places

As a student who lives in his own apartment, I don’t like to clean most of the time. That’s why I looked into a cleaning company for Singapore apartment residents to use. It really helps me out when I want to have my place clean, but don’t have a lot of time because of studying and exams. College life can really take a lot of time off my hands, but at least I know that my place will be clean and spotless because of the service that I use. I even recommend the service to all of my friends.

My mom comes to visit me occasionally, and she always talks about how my places is so clean. I don’t tell her that I use the service because she would probably think that I should be saving my money instead of spending it on a cleaning service. She would also be mad that I’m not doing the cleaning myself, but I really don’t care. My father would probably welcome the thought of a cleaning service around the house because he hates to do housework as well. My mom always nags him about doing things, and he just rolls his eyes.

This semester is winding down and my apartment has really began to get messy because I’ve been spending most of my time studying in back to back hours. Sometimes I would stay up all night just to get the studying done. I have a supply of coffee to keep me awake, but I really need to sleep sometimes. When the cleaning service comes over and they get done, I give them a little extra tip sometimes to compensate for the terrible mess that I’ve made. I’m sure they’ll be relieve when the semester is over, because I know that I will.