Just Got Down to Corpus Cristi

I am sort of living a bit of a bachelor’s paradise at the moment. I am living for free in this huge beach house, it belongs to the family of a guy I went to college with and he is letting me stay here for the moment. In fact this is the sort of place that you would rent out with a whole family, including the aunts and uncles and a half dozen cousins. It is not like usual Texas energy options are not available, but the place sits all alone on a piece of headland just South of the Corpus Cristi bay and the guy who built it put in a small wind turbine and some solar electric panels. Those seem to be like insurance against power outages from big storms. The place is built like a fortress as well, although this is because the guy who designed it was thinking about hurricanes.

Obviously you are in the Tropical part of Texas and it is not like you can put a house up here and not think about that sort of thing. It would be pretty foolish to build a house that cost this sort of money and not have it set up so that you could expect it to be in one piece after a big hurricane. In fact I would feel pretty good about sitting through a big storm in this place. You can see the Gulf of Mexico, but you are well about the threat of a storm surge drowing you. Then the house is made out of reinforced concrete. There are a lot of windows and a lot of big picture windows. However there are huge steel storm shutters mounted on rails and if it is about to storm you just go out there and crank those thinks shut.