Is Kendama Going to Be the Next Big Thing?

When I was in elementary school Yo Yos of all types were popular. They got so popular that companies started making ones to do tricks with and even ones that lit up when you used them. I had several and was learning how to do tricks such as making the Yo Yo sleep and walking the dog. Then hacky sack got popular. I was not agile enough for that game. The new thing is the game of ken or kendama. It is a strange looking toy that has a wooden sphere attached by a string to a handle that has carved cups and a point. A hole in the sphere can receive the point. However, you need to be practiced to get the hole on the sphere to land precisely on the point.

People who play ken make it look easy after they have a a lot of practice. It was like how I saw kids using Yo Yos in school when I was a kid. They made rocking the baby and walking the dog look easy. It took me a good while to learn those tricks. I don’t think I have the agility or precision hand and eye coordination to be any good at kendama. Maybe I could. It has been decades since elementary school and Yo Yos, but this kendama thing looks pretty neat. I have seen some colorful toy designs too. The toy can be painted in pretty much any color scheme you would like.

I can see this game taking off in America once more kids discover it. It will probably become the next big thing with collector toys, cases, accessories and game gear. I already have seen videos that seem to show of clothing made for enthusiasts of the toy. It is just a matter of time until a big toy maker starts mass producing them. The custom made ones are probably going to be the best for gaming though.