I’m Glad I Went to Mexico

Vacation time came for my friends and I and we were in the midst of planning our next trip. We had been to pretty much every location in the United States, so we made plans for an international trip. We flipped a coin to decide between flying to Canada or Mexico. I wanted to go to Canada, but Mexico won in the end, and I wasn’t too keen on it. One of my friends said that I would get over it once I saw one of the luxury villa rentals for Cabo San Lucas.

Aside from the Mexican food that I’ve eaten at some local restaurants, I knew very little about Mexico. Anything related to Mexico I had ever seen came from television shows, and they always made it look like there was a lot of desert land and dirt roads. I’ve been to Canada before as a child, and wanted to see it again because I had fond memories of it from being there with my parents. While on the plane to Mexico, I took a nap and tried to have nice dreams about Canada while waiting for the plane to land at the airport.

As soon as my friends and I landed and got our luggage, we headed to our rented villa and it totally changed my perception of Mexico. It looked like some kind of Latin paradise. To think I wanted to go to boring old Canada that I’ve already been to before. The food was amazing and really put the Mexican food that I would eat at home to shame. Of course since my friends and I were single, we did some mingling with the local women. We went to a night club and they really showed us how well they could dance. They were going all night without breaking a sweat.