I Work Really Hard, but I Needed a Helper to Get Even Further with My Business

For years, I kept thinking about how I was going to get ahead with my property management business. I finally had to hire a part time helper in Singapore to make that happen. I tried to keep the business small, while still also bringing in enough money to do well financially. That just wasn’t possible to do alone. When I didn’t do enough with each property in terms of maintenance, that slowed up incoming cash because I couldn’t get new tenants moved in quickly enough.

My parents instilled a really good work ethic in me, but it took awhile. They gave me the freedom to make choices about what I would do when I was very young. I chose to play and have a good time. My mom would simply ask me to get my chores done, and then I ignored her often and did what I wanted. She and my father decided to switch things up a bit and told me that I would receive an allowance if I did my chores. I didn’t really care about money yet, so I continued to have fun instead. Then they got even tougher and said “no” to me every time I asked for money. They began really pushing by letting me know that you get no help of any kind or any money if you don’t work.

The older I got, going to different events and doing things with my friends became more important to me. I also noticed that they were not around as much anymore because they began to take things seriously and had to either do chores at home or get jobs. As a result, they got to go places and do things they wanted with the money they earned. My parents took that opportunity to teach me again how important it is to work so that you can get somewhere in life. I listened at that point, and that’s when I started working hard and putting money aside so that I could own the property management business that I now run.