I Have Some Work for the Summer

Of course my goal is to get some money saved up before I leave for college in about a year. I am going to be going to college somewhere, maybe the University of Denver or Colorado State University. I have managed to get some work for one of the top Denver realtors who has some rental property. A few of them are very close to my home and that makes it really easy for me. In fact I will not do anything for less than fifty dollars, but I have to do this on the books and so in theory I have to pay taxes on it. I like it a lot better when the customer is not reporting me to the IRS. At any rate I am going to be able to make a good bit of money this summer, just on the work that I already have. The big thing would be to find more people who want to get their yard work done.

It is not something that I know how to do. In fact nearly all of the work that I have just fell right in my lap. I would meet people and they would tell me that they or some person that they knew were interested in getting their yard mowed and trimmed. The best thing is when you find yards that really are not that big of a deal to do, if you can do it in an hour or there abouts it is really good money. I have to think about the gas involved too though, both for my truck and for the mower and the trimmer. They all burn the stuff up and every time you crank that truck up you have to think about how much money it costs you and how much you make.