I Had to Get My Teeth Replaced

I was not driving at the time, but I was in the passenger side of a car. The guy who was driving is a bit of a hothead and he was about half responsible for the accident, because he was driving angry because some other jerk had cut him off. The two of them were cursing at each other when someone else got involved and he was too distracted to prevent the collision. At any rate the air bag really nailed me and I had to find a cosmetic dentist, click here for website of the guy and you can see that he seems to know his business when it comes to this sort of oral reconstruction. It is a big deal for me to get out of the situation that I am. I really like milkshakes, but at this point I have had more than my share of them and I do not think that I am going to want any more for a very long time.

At any rate I came out of this with a banged up knee and a face that looked like I had been hit with a baseball bat repeatedly. It was not fun trying to get around and they still have not decided if I need to have an operation on the knee. They needed for the swelling to go down and now they think that it may heal on it’s own, but that is not something they are sure of. So they fitted me with a brace and they are going to see what happens. It is a really annoying thing since the knee does not bend and I am on a set of crutches, but some times I can hobble around with just the help of a cane that my Mom lent me.