I Had Never Heard of Taraba, Nigeria Before I Met My New Neighbors

My neighbor came here from Nigeria. She is a very nice person, and her and her family are very helpful to everyone in our community. This is how neighbors should be. They motivate us to do a better job of being neighbors. Their eldest son cut my grass for me when he heard I was not feeling well. In some places it would just be left to grow with neighbors just complaining. My neighbor graduated from Taraba State University. Taraba began in 1991, and they obviously have some decent schools as she is very intelligent.

She is pursuing another degree now that she lives here. She works in medicine in some sort of research laboratory. We have doctors and dentists and other neighbors who practice or work in medicine. It is nice to see quality education in other countries. Gongola is what Taraba was before. Gongola became defunct, but Taraba, named after the river, seems like a really nice Nigerian state. Not all other geopolitical regions around the world survive such a change let alone thrive.

We have it pretty easy here, and it is nice to see a people reestablishing their nation state with a solid foundation of quality education. Schools, social services, children and the elderly are usually the first to suffer when there is a breakdown of government and a reorganization. Taraba is growing with their public schools too. Twenty-five years have gone by since Taraba was Gongola. My neighbor has wanted to move here since she was young. She was young when Taraba was still Gongola. She says that there are nice schools and many opportunities for business now in Taraba. She is not sure, but she has thought about moving back. However, her and her husband now have their first child that was born here. She does visit her relatives about once a year.