I Found out My Brother Would Soon Come Home Again

When my brother ran away from home, both of my parents were devastated. Dad tried to hide it, but I heard him crying one night when he was talking to my mom. I crept up near their bedroom door to listen, and I heard him say through his tears that he missed my brother greatly, and he worried that he would one day lose me, too. When I got older, I came across a California Psychics review when I was searching for something on the Internet. I stopped to read the review after seeing that someone had used the service to find a missing relative. I found myself wondering if my brother could be found. I mulled it over in my mind a few weeks before I decided to do it.

My brother was always a rebel. He had been ever since he was a little boy. When he reached high school age, he fell in with some bad kids. Rather than being the strong, smart kid that I knew him as, he decided to be a follower and got into a lot of trouble with his friends. My parents tried to reign him in and keep him safe, but that only served to make him mad. He left a note one night stating that he was leaving and that he was never coming back. It was a horrible time for all of us. My parents looked for him but had no luck. It broke their hearts.

I decided to call the psychic company one night after I had thought it over for awhile. I wanted to know if someone could tell me where my brother might be. I had been worrying about whether he was even alive anymore. I was surprised to be given the answer that my brother would be calling soon. I wondered if that was true. Two days later ,the phone rang and it was my brother. He was ready to come home.