I Don’t Want to Be Bald Like My Husband

I have always been attracted to bald men. There is just something really nice about that for me, and my husband looks amazing with no hair on his head, other than a mustache and a goatee. I never gave much thought to a woman without hair though because that is just not something I would see in my daily life. When I started noticing more and more hair coming out when I would style my hair, I knew that I needed to look into a Singapore aesthetic centre since I researched options for women with thinning hair.

My problem seemed more severe than just thinning hair, but it turned out that it was not anything too drastic. A lot of hair is lost every day with anyone, and I just had a bit more than average hair loss. Because it was happening to me, I thought it was more drastic than it was. That is not to say that I was not losing it at a more rapid pace than most, but it also did not mean that I was going to be as bald as my husband anytime soon.

When I looked at Cura Med, I was impressed with all the different aesthetic services they do there. One of them specifically treats both men and women with hair and scalp issues, and I read up on everything there that I could. I knew I wanted to know more, including whether there was hope for me to continue to have a full head of hair, so I made an appointment. The things I learned there were very reassuring, and I started taking a medication along with a supplement that promotes hair growth. It was the right combination, because I don’t seem to be losing any more hair than what is normal now!