How Private Charities Can Help the Dominican Republic

 ... : 81 Things to Do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | TripAdvisorAll around the world, billions of people still suffer in poverty, despite all of the amazing technological advances of the 21st century. In many countries, people still do not have reliable access to such necessities as food, shelter, fresh water or health care. It is in places such as these that private charities form an important part of the social welfare system, often providing services that the government cannot or will not provide. For example, in the Dominican Republic, many people are still struggling to provide themselves with the basics of survival. The Dominican Republic is not a particularly wealthy country, and its government is not able to meet the needs of its citizens. Therefore, a Catholic organization has stepped in to help out.

This organization does a great deal to help provide the people of the Dominican Republic with vital assistance, such as distributing food, ensuring a supply of clean drinking water and providing basic health care. In many cases, a relatively small investment of effort can yield great results. Many children in the Dominican Republic are able to look forward to a brighter future because of the assistance of this organization. Instead of being doomed to a life of poverty, they can hope to improve their lot in the future.

Education is another vital service that this organization can provide. Giving a child a good education is one of the most rewarding efforts a charity can make. Once young people have the skills and the confidence they need to succeed, their chances of escaping the trap of poverty improve dramatically. This not only gives them a brighter future individually, but helps the whole nation become more prosperous. By investing in the youngest people in the Dominican Republic, the nation can begin to lift itself out of the cycle of poverty.