How Hard is It Do Develop an App?

It is a long way off, but I have already started to think about how I can have a career and at the same time not really have a boss. It is a tough thing to do probably, unless your mom and dad are already rich and can set you up in business. The idea that I have revolves around learning computer science, which is something that I am already really interested in. It seems to me that mobile app development would be the best course for me to take if I really wanted to learn something that would make me free of the usual nine to five grind. In theory at least you would be able to do this stuff alone in your basement or your bedroom, although there are obvious limitations to that theory. You can not expect to do a really big project by yourself, that would likely require a fairly significant number of people and they would really need to people with skills of the sort that cost money.

I am only fifteen now and I have been working on a few ideas, mostly what you would call novelty ideas. There are all sorts of apps which basically only do one very simple thing, like for example they make a sound like a whip. That was used in an episode of the Big Bang Theory for comedic effect. It is the sort of thing a person with limited skill could do alone, although you need a really good idea. I was thinking about a kitten purring for example, although that seems silly. The other idea had was better. I have always heard people say that the sound of rain hitting the roof makes them sleepy or helps them go to sleep, so I was thinking that would be really easy.