Getting Started on the Renovation

This house is about forty five years old and it is not that far from Central Park, so if it were in good shape it would command a very nice price. It needs a great deal of work however, since the last person to own it really did very little to maintain it. The big item on the agenda is to find the best deal on hvac contracts in NYC. There used to be a system installed in the building, but while it was vacant that system was cannibalized by some person. Of course when you look at an air conditioning system you quickly realize that it has a good bit of aluminum and copper in it. So a lot of the time this will be stolen if you leave the system unguarded in a vacant building. I have heard of people having to go to the hospital and having this happen when they got back from it.

At any rate that happened in this instance, but some guy also stole some of the components. I would guess that it was some person who knew their way around this place. At any rate the old HVAC system is not there intact and it has to be replaced or repaired. However it does not seem that likely that you could repair it, or at least that it could be done at a price which made sense. The thing is really old and it is really going to be tough to find the spare parts that you need. In fact that would make a lot of sense in explaining why some person would have bothered to steal the spare parts from this system. They may not have been able to find them at a reasonable price any other place they looked for them.