Getting Started on My New Job

We got down here this morning and I started work before we even started to unpack. The stuff is still in the back of the moving truck, in fact Emily is going to be spending her day dealing with all sorts of things without me. They have a lot of things going on here at the shop and I have been brought here to fix things. A small thing is coming up with a real pay stub maker for a couple of people who have a specific issue. That is not really anything I am too concerned about, but it is easy to fix and I may just figure it out already to get one less thing off of the to do list. At any rate that is a big deal to these two people, but it is not really the thing that I have to concern myself with.

The purpose I am going to concern myself with is not that at all. Instead we have to figure out how to fix the bottom line. The plant simply is not efficient enough to be competitive with the people in other countries who do the same thing that we do. A lot of people seem to blame the Chinese government for some of it, since there is a lot of evidence that perhaps they are not really making money because of currency manipulation and similar stuff. It is not really something that we can deal with though. We have to figure out how to make things for a price that allows us to compete, while still making a profit. It is not so simple. The obvious thing is to use more technology so that you can make more with less. The hard part is to figure out how to get there however.