Getting More Followers on a Slow-Growing Social Media Account

I watched two social media accounts grow in leaps and bounds for our business. Then I watched our Instagram account grow very slowly. According to our demographic research, we had a large number of customers using Instagram, but we were just not getting them to follow us on our account. I was looking into whether or not we should buy real Instagram followers to boost our account. If you have an account that has a lot of followers, then others want to jump on the bandwagon and follow you too. This is how accounts on other social media get subscribers and followers to grow exponentially. It seems easier to get your second million followers or subscribers than it is to get that first million.

I’m like that too. If I look at something on social media, it takes a lot for me to want to follow or subscribe. I see a lot of posts and like them from different companies, but I am choosy about following or subscribing. However, if I see that I like the content and they already have a whole bunch of followers or subscribers, then I am more likely to press the button to follow or subscribe. I guess it is how this works. You want to be part of something big. I look at my own behavior to help me figure out how to boost our social media base of potential customers.

There is a big learning curve to get into the science of how to grow your social media presence, but I just wanted to buy buy real Instagram followers to get our account boosted up in numbers so it would look good when people are viewing our content. We have no problem with likes, we just needed more people to press the follow button to see all of our content and not just some.