Get All the Goodies with This Cheat

Finding a cheat for Virtual Families 2 was important for me because although I adore these types of raise a family and build buildings sort of games, I can get a bit itchy about the slow pace. These types of games are designed to take place in real time and thus really have no end point. Depending on what the developers do, these games can literally run for your entire life. That can be problematic for gamers who like a faster pace and want to see things happen quite frequently. I’m definitely someone who likes to move things along.

Really there are two types of gamers I’ve encountered in games like this one. The first type is content to play as the game unfolds and as designed. They’re perfectly content to sit back, check in once a day to do their activities, and then let things proceed until the next day. There is nothing wrong with this type of gamer. The second gamer likes to mix things up and push limits. If it takes a certain amount of time to complete tasks, this gamer wants to do it in half the time. I tend to this second position.

Trying to make this game move faster is impossible unless you’re willing to spend money on in game items or find a cheat. I chose the latter, although I didn’t want to cheat to the point where I ruined the game. I just wanted a way to move a bit faster and get more items on a faster timetable. I found an excellent cheat online that lets you choose what you want to get and how you want to use it. I made some choices and in no time at all found myself moving along much faster than I would have if I were the first type of gamer. It’s a great cheat.