From Metal Scrap to Metal Hero

My Halloween costume is almost complete. I need to do a few finishing touches and walk around in it a bit to break it in, but other than that, it’s pretty much ready for a public debut. The costume is of a famous super hero that has a metal suit. Initially I planned to make the suit out of foam, but I wanted to make it look as authentic as possible, so I search around for the price of scrap metal and found a place that would let me buy some cheap metal that was light enough to build the costume.

The best metal for the job was aluminum. Aluminum is pretty light, but it can be strong and sturdy. Since it’s an abundant metal, it’s also pretty affordable. The metal can be easily cut with a pair of tin snips, and assembled with a bit of spot welding or some screws and bolts. I created a template for the costume on paper first, and then traced that template onto the metal. I cut the shapes that I created from the paper template and folded them to make the correct shape of the costume. The hardest part was folding the pieces for the fingers and the helmet, because a lot of parts and intricate folds were needed.

I wired the inside of the helmet to have glowing eyes and a motorized face plate that lifts up when a button is pressed. The wiring connects to a power source in the chest, which also houses a glowing set of lights. The power source also connects to the gloves, which each have their own tiny speakers and lights in the center of each palm to simulate the firing of an energy blast, something that the super hero uses. I’ve painted the metal with a special paint, which is now drying in my garage.