Environmentally Friendly USB Flash Drives

The company I work for is a very environmentally friendly company. We don’t even have plastic water bottles in our building because of the waste. We recycle everything that we possibly can, and we donate a lot of our time and resources to the community. When my boss told me to find something that we could give away to participants in an upcoming charity run, I knew just what we needed. I had purchased a USB flash drive not long ago, and I noticed some wooden USB flash drives as well. I didn’t purchase one then, but I knew that it was exactly the kind of promotional giveaway that my boss would like.

Rather than buy them at the same retail store where I had bought mine, I went online to see if I could find some at a discounted rate. I figured since I was buying in bulk, I would be able to find it at a much better price than what I would get off a store shelf. I did find a company that sells the wooden flash drives, but what surprised me was how many they had available for purchase.

I had figured I might be able to find one or two, but I actually saw nearly a dozen at the online company’s website. Each one was different, which was nice too. Rather than just different colors, they had different sizes and shapes. I really liked the one that was in the shape of a clothespin, since that is another way to save on energy resources. I figured my boss would love the implications that it had, so I went ahead and requested a quote for ten dozen of them. It did not take long for the company to get back to me with a price that was too good to refuse, and we are looking forward to handing them out next month.