Do Not Ignore Those Boxes That Pop Up

I am the person that helps my parents keep their laptops running and in tip top shape. I was really shocked to learn that they were having trouble opening up attachments that I was sending them. I help them with their bills and so I send the bills to them in pdf format so that they can open them and see them as I do across the country. I asked them why they couldn’t open the attachments so I went from a remote location and saw that my tekla structures tutorial pdf could not be opened on their computer because they did not have the updated version of the program. I asked my dad if he had seen anything about the upgrade or any updates and he said that he chooses to click cancel or block whenever those annoying little boxes pop up and ask him to do something.

I could not imagine that he was doing this. I had always told him to update all of the things on his computer. I told him many times that if he starts his computer and his antivirus does not block the popup that he should accept the upgrade or whatever the box was telling him to do. My dad is older and I have to remind myself that I need to be patient with him because he is older and he is trying to keep up with all of the new technology. If you think about what he has seen, from the invention of the color TV in every home to the smart phones where you can talk to a friend and also see them at the same time while you are talking to them, even if it is all from the other side of the world, what an amazing evolution.