Dealer for Direct TV Garland Got Me to Switch Easily

When the cable company switched the packages around and my wife’s favorite TV show was no longer in the tier we subscribed to ,she called them. The price for the next tier to get her channel back was a steep one. It aggravated her and she called direct tv for garland instead. Now her channel was still in a higher channel package, but it was a cheaper package than what our cable company offered. Plus, it had more channels we were actually interested in watching. That is why we switched.

When I found out we could record more than two shows at once, I was thrilled. I usually have to miss stuff I would rather see because they are all on at the same time on the same day on different channels. This new system lets me record all of my favorite shows without interfering with what my wife wants to record. That is because we can do up to five at a time. We could only do two shows at the same time with our cable box. I was glad to have given it up. The satellite TV system is so much better. The on-screen guide is very informative for each show. You can even look up cast and crew for each show you are watching or recording. I like the background info it offers on the actors playing the characters.

There is a whole lot more On-Demand services available too. They also have a lot more PPV movies and events. I don’t know why we did not already have satellite TV instead of cable. Another thing I like is its reliability. It was installed the right way so we have zero problems with signal loss even during storms. That old tired line of losing signal is just a ploy of the cable companies to keep you plugged into their system.