I Got into a Minor Accident

I should have known what was about to happen. I was going down the same busy street that I take home from work every day of the work week. As usual there were lots of people who are willing to do all sorts of crazy stuff to save themselves a couple of seconds. At any rate this one fool passed me on the shoulder, which is never a good idea. I could not slow down because there were people all around me. A couple of days later I had to go see a chiropractor in Camas WA, even though the accident did not seem like a big deal at the time. Continue reading I Got into a Minor Accident

Get All the Goodies with This Cheat

Finding a cheat for Virtual Families 2 was important for me because although I adore these types of raise a family and build buildings sort of games, I can get a bit itchy about the slow pace. These types of games are designed to take place in real time and thus really have no end point. Depending on what the developers do, these games can literally run for your entire life. That can be problematic for gamers who like a faster pace and want to see things happen quite frequently. I’m definitely someone who likes to move things along.

Really there are two types of gamers I’ve encountered in games like this one. Continue reading Get All the Goodies with This Cheat

Living in Florida Took Her Heartbreak Away

I had been trying to convince my sister to visit me in Florida for years, but she never did. She knew her husband did not like to travel, and she chose to keep our relationship going with telephone calls and video chats. When her husband came home one day and packed up everything of his and left her, she was dumbfounded for a short while. I couldn’t really blame her, because they had been together for nearly 10 years. When she asked me how expensive apartments for Brandon area residents are, I got my hopes up for the first time in ages.

I asked her if she was joking, and she told me that there was nothing holding her back anymore. I convinced her to come visit me first, and I bought her airline tickets for the following week. She fell in love with the area as I took her around on a tour from the airport to my home. I asked her to come and stay with me for a while, to see if she likes Florida, and she told me that she had already quit her job and put her stuff in storage. Continue reading Living in Florida Took Her Heartbreak Away

A Studio Apartment is Perfect for My Needs

I was on a website looking at different apartments in the suburbs of Atlanta when I came across an ad that said to click here for the finest in living accommodations. The picture that accompanied the ad was gorgeous, so of course I clicked on it to see what it had to offer. As soon as I saw the buildings for Green Park, I knew that it was the one for me. The location is perfect because it is not right in Atlanta. If you have ever driven in Atlanta, you will absolutely understand why I wanted to live in one of the suburbs. Continue reading A Studio Apartment is Perfect for My Needs

I’m Glad I Went to Mexico

Vacation time came for my friends and I and we were in the midst of planning our next trip. We had been to pretty much every location in the United States, so we made plans for an international trip. We flipped a coin to decide between flying to Canada or Mexico. I wanted to go to Canada, but Mexico won in the end, and I wasn’t too keen on it. One of my friends said that I would get over it once I saw one of the luxury villa rentals for Cabo San Lucas.

Aside from the Mexican food that I’ve eaten at some local restaurants, I knew very little about Mexico. Anything related to Mexico I had ever seen came from television shows, and they always made it look like there was a lot of desert land and dirt roads. I’ve been to Canada before as a child, and wanted to see it again because I had fond memories of it from being there with my parents. Continue reading I’m Glad I Went to Mexico

A Hidden Gem in Washington DC

Until I stumbled over a website that led me to the best hidden secret apartment living in the Washington, D.C. area, I was living in what can only be described as a very bad place. The neighborhood is what you would call very sketchy, and the apartment I was living in with three other people left a lot to be desired in almost every way. It seemed the basic stuff, things like hot water, would constantly stop working. The landlord was a mysterious figure who no one ever claimed to have actually seen in person. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

The problem is that the cost of living in this city is off the charts. It’s no joke when they say that D.C. Continue reading A Hidden Gem in Washington DC

We Definitely Picked Bay Living when We Moved to Miami

The one thing we really like to do is to walk the boardwalk at the edge of the water at our apartment. Back when we were looking for an apartment for rent in Miami Beach, we definitely wanted to be close to the water. We are at Treasures On The Bay at North Bay Village here in Florida. It is really a beautiful place. I never get tired of walking on that huge boardwalk. Biscayne Bay is a great spot for those who want the full beach-living kind of experience. The North Bay Village is on a piece of land that juts out into the bay.

We have family that lives over in Hialeah, so it is nice to be close. The apartment has more amenities than I thought was possible to cram into a place to live. There are three swimming pools right at the bay front. Continue reading We Definitely Picked Bay Living when We Moved to Miami

The Apartment is in the Perfect Location

I had been looking at different apartments for rent in Kingsport TN, and I was starting to think that I would not find what I wanted. When my friend told me to check out Country Shores, I was not excited about it at first because it was a few minutes outside of the area I wanted to live in because of where I work. She told me that it would be worth it to check out, mostly because of the reasonable rates for rent. I decided I had nothing to lose other than maybe a few minutes, so I went online to look at their website.

I was really surprised with what I found there. I figured that it would have to be a nice complex in order to attract tenants, but I was not expecting it to be as perfect as it is. Continue reading The Apartment is in the Perfect Location

I Had to Get My Teeth Replaced

I was not driving at the time, but I was in the passenger side of a car. The guy who was driving is a bit of a hothead and he was about half responsible for the accident, because he was driving angry because some other jerk had cut him off. The two of them were cursing at each other when someone else got involved and he was too distracted to prevent the collision. At any rate the air bag really nailed me and I had to find a cosmetic dentist, click here for website of the guy and you can see that he seems to know his business when it comes to this sort of oral reconstruction. It is a big deal for me to get out of the situation that I am. Continue reading I Had to Get My Teeth Replaced

A Piece of Popcorn Has Our Daughter Up at Three in the Morning with a Toothache

It was our only day off for two weeks. We planned on a trip to a local park to have an outing with the kids that included pizza and ice cream. My favorites and theirs too. What actually happened was a toothache about three in the morning that had our daughter up and crying. She is only eight, and her brother is nine. He woke up when he heard her crying and came down to the living room to see what was wrong. We have a dentist in Aurora CO, and our son suggested we give the office a call right then. I told him it was the middle of the night, and he suggested that maybe they have an answering service. I didn’t even know he ever heard about answering services.

The kid is smart, and we were able to get an appointment for when they opened up in the morning. Our son said that he was going to go back to sleep, and that the trip to the park was off. He was worried about his little sister. We got her into the office first thing in the morning. Continue reading A Piece of Popcorn Has Our Daughter Up at Three in the Morning with a Toothache

I Have Some Work for the Summer

Of course my goal is to get some money saved up before I leave for college in about a year. I am going to be going to college somewhere, maybe the University of Denver or Colorado State University. I have managed to get some work for one of the top Denver realtors who has some rental property. A few of them are very close to my home and that makes it really easy for me. In fact I will not do anything for less than fifty dollars, but I have to do this on the books and so in theory I have to pay taxes on it. I like it a lot better when the customer is not reporting me to the IRS. At any rate I am going to be able to make a good bit of money this summer, just on the work that I already have. The big thing would be to find more people who want to get their yard work done.

It is not something that I know how to do. Continue reading I Have Some Work for the Summer

New State, New Apartment and a New Job

I had never been farther west than Indiana, and that was just to visit aunts and uncles on my mom’s side when I was a kid. I have never traveled much. So, I was a bit nervous moving my family out to Nevada to take a job that was offered to me. I asked my wife to look at apartments for Las Vegas that she would not mind living in. We were going to make two trips out there. The first one was to rent an apartment, and the second trip was the move. My wife’s parents were worried about not seeing us but once a year or less. With the new job we could commit to more visits per year as we would be able to afford it. At least my wife and our little girl could fly back and forth.

Moving is a big thing even if it is just across town. Moving across the country can give you a strong feeling of separation anxiety from all that you are familiar with. However, we found a a nice apartment that has two bedrooms. Continue reading New State, New Apartment and a New Job

This Really Does Feel Like Home

I have lived in some really nice apartment complexes that have featured some great community amenities. However, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate well to the real deal. Sure, those apartments had resort pools, but they were so crowded that I only used them a handful of times. The fitness centers were the same way, and I went to a private gym where I had a membership. That is why when I started to look for a new apartment for rent in Las Vegas, I was not really concerned about the amenities for everyone who lives there. I knew that what was stated might not be the reality.

I looked at a few different complexes, but as soon as I looked at Bloom Apartments, I knew that it was the one I wanted. Continue reading This Really Does Feel Like Home

Transportation Matters in Team Building Exercises

Anytime I use a new company for a major purchase, I always check them out first. When I decided to hire a limo service for a corporate event, the first thing I did was a search for Crunchbase – limousine service. I get a lot of my information from Crunchbase because it is a quick and easy way to find out a lot about a company. That is how I found Limo-King, a local company here in Toronto that has a lot of great vehicles in their limo fleet. After being reassured that this company is solid, I then went to their website to get more information.

I knew that I wanted a limo service, but I was not sure what kind I wanted. Continue reading Transportation Matters in Team Building Exercises

Is Kendama Going to Be the Next Big Thing?

When I was in elementary school Yo Yos of all types were popular. They got so popular that companies started making ones to do tricks with and even ones that lit up when you used them. I had several and was learning how to do tricks such as making the Yo Yo sleep and walking the dog. Then hacky sack got popular. I was not agile enough for that game. The new thing is the game of ken or kendama. It is a strange looking toy that has a wooden sphere attached by a string to a handle that has carved cups and a point. A hole in the sphere can receive the point. Continue reading Is Kendama Going to Be the Next Big Thing?

They Sealed Those Cracks Right Up

I hired a paving contractor in Nassau County NY to come out and take a look at my pavement because I thought I saw an awful lot of cracking going on. Cracks in a drive way or on other types of pavement are a big problem because water gets into them and when it freezes in the winter it will cause more cracking. This will eventually lead to the total destruction of the pavement in question because at some point entire pieces will separate. The only way to fix the damage at that point is to replace the entire thing.

I wasn’t about to shell out the big bucks for something like that. Continue reading They Sealed Those Cracks Right Up

Why Pro Sports Players Can Bounce Back from Injuries and Surgeries That Would Cripple the Average Person

Why is it that some people can have a surgery such as a knee or back surgery and never get back to their former level of being able to move around while professional athletes can have multiple serious injuries and surgeries and still play a tough sport at a pro level to get them signed again and again to making millions of dollars? I would say good genetics helps, and being physically strong in the first place helps too. A good surgeon is a must, and so is the drive to get better. However, the best strength and conditioning coach helping you with sports rehabilitation is, in my mind, the difference maker.

I have noticed that your average person who has a surgery, such as a knee surgery, will not even go through regular physical rehab let alone strength and conditioning exercises to lose fat, build muscle and restore range of motion. I know a lady who had both knees replaced and she can barely walk. Getting her knees replaced was to help her get walking again. She is in constant pain. Continue reading Why Pro Sports Players Can Bounce Back from Injuries and Surgeries That Would Cripple the Average Person

We Needed That Third Bedroom Desparately

We had a new addition to our family. However, it was about five years ago. The little brother staying in the same room as the older sister was wearing thin on the patience the two of them could practice. When we added the puppy, that smoothed things over for a time. Then the puppy bonded with our son. A new puppy bonded with our daughter. Still, we knew we had to take our search for other apartments in Stone Oak more seriously. We were paying our rent from month to month because we would not sign another year on the lease at our old place. They have some three bedroom places, and we were holding out to get one if someone moved out. However, none of the three bedroom tenants were moving anytime soon. Continue reading We Needed That Third Bedroom Desparately

Where I Can Truly Be Happy

I’ve been making my way north for the past ten years. I can freely admit that I’ve grown tired of the South – it’s not where I want to call home any longer. You may think that finding apartments for rent in North Charleston SC to not be far from the south but it’s clear that you’ve never live anywhere like Georgia, Alabama or others in the Bible Belt. It’s not a good place to live these days especially now that President Trump is, well, President. The people in some of those states are absolutely losing their minds and I no longer feel safe calling those places home.

I feel like that I’m going to inevitably move further and further North. Is that what I want with my life? Is that where I want to go? I want to find a place where I’m going to feel safe. I want to be able to call a place home for once and have it honestly feel like a home rather than just a place where I live. I know that it’s impossible to find the perfect city or state, that’s simply how life is. Continue reading Where I Can Truly Be Happy

Moving to Arizona is Awesome

My folks have lived in Scottsdale for over ten years, and they absolutely love it. I was given a great opportunity there, and I did not have to think twice about it. I had been visiting them about three times a year, and I knew that living there so close to them would do them as much good as it would do for me. I started looking at apartments in Scottsdale AZ even before I signed my new work contract because I just wanted to make sure everything was in check as soon as possible.

My parents offered to let me stay with them as they have the room, but I knew that I would be more comfortable in my own place because of my work hours. I also did not want to live in a community that was comprised mostly of senior citizens! When I saw the Stetson, I knew that was where I wanted to be. Continue reading Moving to Arizona is Awesome