ADT Security System Prices Are Affordable

When my wife told me she wanted us to look into home security systems, I thought it was a great idea. We used to always be home at the same time, but then she started a new job where she telecommutes four days a week. Even though we live in a relatively safe area, it is still scary to watch the local news because crime does touch our area now and again. With her being home alone so much during the day hours now, I went to a home security system site to get more information.

We could easily afford any plan, so cost was not my main objective like it is for so many people. What I wanted to know is exactly the type of coverage we would end up getting. I saw that we would only be able to get one package because we don’t have a landline. The first two packages must have that, as they do not work by cellular signals. The bad news is that even though cost was not a factor, the only plan we could have was the most expensive one. However, the good news is that it is only one dollar more per week of monitoring services.

I was surprised at just how much these plans cost. I was expecting to pay over a hundred dollars a month for the monitoring services, but the most expensive priced plan cost what two cups of premium coffee would cost us a week. That made me feel really good because I know that we are blessed when it comes to finances, but I also know a lot of people are not. With these security system plans at such reasonable prices, I knew that even those with extremely modest incomes could likely afford to have an ADT security system installed at their house.