A Studio Apartment is Perfect for My Needs

I was on a website looking at different apartments in the suburbs of Atlanta when I came across an ad that said to click here for the finest in living accommodations. The picture that accompanied the ad was gorgeous, so of course I clicked on it to see what it had to offer. As soon as I saw the buildings for Green Park, I knew that it was the one for me. The location is perfect because it is not right in Atlanta. If you have ever driven in Atlanta, you will absolutely understand why I wanted to live in one of the suburbs.

The pictures I saw were breathtaking, and the details on the website answered all of the questions that I had. I was even able to look at the various floor plans. I was thrilled to see a studio apartment there because I really did not need a lot of space. My biggest thing was finding a great location, but I did not need a huge spacious apartment to go with that. I live on my own. Even when I lived in a one bedroom apartment, I almost always slept on the couch, so a studio apartment just made better sense to me.

I really liked the layout of the studio apartment. The bath and a huge walk in closet are the first two things present when you walk in the door, and a laundry room and kitchen are the next two things. There is a small dining area next to the laundry room, and the rest of the area is just living space that can also be split into a bedroom area. I just wanted to eliminate the bed altogether since I have such a comfy couch, and I closet is big enough to where I was able to put a small chest of drawers against one wall. It sure feels like there is a lot of space for a studio!