A Special Night for My Parents

I really wanted to do something special for my parents. They were getting ready to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, plus my dad was going to retire within a few weeks. To have two milestones like that happen so closely together meant a celebration was in order. I decided to rent a private room at a local restaurant, and I invited 30 of their closest friends along with 20 relatives. I wanted to learn more about limos and how much they cost, because I thought it would be perfect to have them arrive there in style like that.

I had never rented a limo for any occasion. My husband and I were too poor when we got married, and my son and daughter both had destination weddings, so there was no need for one. I wasn’t sure that it would be in my budget, so I just went to the website to find out whether I could afford one or not. The first thing that surprised me were how many different limos there were. The company had a very nice fleet of luxurious vehicles, and I had a feeling that I would be able to find something that they would like, regardless of the price.

When I saw the prices for the town cars, I got really optimistic that I would be able to afford something even more because their prices were extremely reasonable. I wanted it to be just for the two of them, so I looked at the smaller limo and was happy that the price was within my budget for their party. They knew we were having dinner on the big night, but they thought it was just going to be me, my small family, and the two of them. When they opened the door and saw the limo waiting for them, I think even my father had some tears fighting to come out. They enjoyed the limo ride, the dinner, and just spending time with their closest circle of people that night.