A Hidden Gem in Washington DC

Until I stumbled over a website that led me to the best hidden secret apartment living in the Washington, D.C. area, I was living in what can only be described as a very bad place. The neighborhood is what you would call very sketchy, and the apartment I was living in with three other people left a lot to be desired in almost every way. It seemed the basic stuff, things like hot water, would constantly stop working. The landlord was a mysterious figure who no one ever claimed to have actually seen in person. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

The problem is that the cost of living in this city is off the charts. It’s no joke when they say that D.C. is one of the most expensive cities in the entire country. Considering I work for a think tank down on K Street, I had few illusions about being able to afford a better apartment. Even if I could, I figured I’d still need roommates and we would all likely be packed into a one bedroom apartment. Living on a submarine would provide better accommodations. Then I found that website and all my worries melted away.

It turns out I wasn’t doing my homework and should have been doing a lot of research online. The apartment complex I found, which to this day I call one of the city’s best kept secrets, is imminently affordable. At least it was for me. I was able to secure a one bedroom apartment without needing any help from my parents or bothering with finding roommates. I was able to move in immediately as well, which really made me happy. I have so much space I almost forgot what it was like to stretch out and just relax all by myself!