A Great VSL Script Writer Can Put You over the Top in Sales

A few generations have now grown up watching TV ads in full-motion video for every product from grape juice to new FDA-approved medications. Whether it be your next car, your next pair of shoes or even your lawyer, you have probably already seen a TV commercial that has helped you make a decision of what to buy. Some ads may be so lame that they help you decide what not to buy. That is why you need an excellent VSL writer to get you a script. A VSL is a video sales letter. It is a marketing tool. It could be short ad on a website, or it could be a full webinar that tells the whole story about your product, service or company.

The standard commercial length on television is 30 seconds. Some are a minute. The online video sites have taken viewers by storm. The short videos have even shorter ads. It seems as each generation gets tech savvy that they get shorter attention spans. I would not be surprised if video marketing was reduced by more than 50 percent for each time span of video that is used. In other words, 30-second spots becoming less than 15 seconds, and minute ads dropping below 30 seconds of running time. Infomercials and webinars have to be phenomenally impressive and attention-grabbing for them to keep viewers watching more than a few minutes. Having a great VSL writer can make all the difference in the success or failure of your production.

We hired someone who could speak to today’s consumers of our products. We had our demographic analyzed down to the words they would use in talking about our products. Our VSL writer fully researched our company and came up with a script that was like it was done in the first person of our best customers. It was a real hit and became very popular with those who purchase our brand.