A Fall Dance for My Son

My son wanted to go to a fall dance with a date that he asked out, and asked me if renting a limo would be fine. I told him that it would, and helped him find one. I was proud of him for having the courage to ask someone out. I know that it isn’t easy to do something like that, especially at his age. Sometimes kids go through rejection, but in his case, he didn’t. I also had to help my son find a tuxedo for the event. The event wasn’t something that you could simply wear a suit and tie at and call it a day.

To get the tuxedo, my son and I had to go to the mall. There is a store there that lets people rent out tuxedos. As we got to the store, we saw a long line of people who were renting tuxedos for the event. If I had been thinking, I probably would have taken my son to the store a little sooner to avoid the rush of people renting theirs. After waiting in line for many hours, my son and I were finally able to get helped. My son was measured for his tuxedo and an order was placed. The store clerk told us to come back later so we could pick up the tuxedo.

Hours later, after roaming through the mall and getting a haircut, my son and I headed back to the store and picked up the tuxedo. He tried it on and it fit him perfectly. We went back home so he could finish getting ready, and then the limo came later to pick him up and take him to his date so he could be taken to the dance with her. I took some pictures of him while he was wearing his tuxedo, and asked him to take some at the dance.